Agriculture Software Services

ChromeInfotech comprehensive agriculture software suites help farmers and growers gain total control over their land, crops and equipment. Bring your farm into the future with the help of the agriculture software experts at ChromeInfotech.


Precision Agriculture


Livestock Management


Farm Management




Seed to Sale


Agricultural Drones

Get Your FDA, USDA, EPA, FSIS, GHGRP and NPDES Compliance with ChromeInfotech

At ChromeInfotech, we have a full-service team of experts that can help your business achieve compliance set as per the standards of Department of Agriculture, USA also known as USDA. Apart from that, we will assist you in getting compliance with FDA (Food and Drug Administration), FSIS (Food Safety and Inspection Service) as well as EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) and GHGRP (Greenhouse Gas Reporting Program).

Aquaculture Software Services

Full-Fledged Software Development Team at ChromeInfotech helps in the development of Aquaculture related software products which helps in fish harvesting as well as breeding, along with many other aquatic plants.

Building Aquaculture
Related Software Solutions

  • Breeding Software
  • Nearshore Systems
  • Shrimp Harvesting
  • Fish Management
  • Algaculture Software
  • RAS Environments

Creating Aquaculture Based
Management Systems

  • Aquafarming Apps
  • Population Tracking
  • Equipment Management
  • Accounting App Integration
  • Aquaponics Supervision
  • Egg-to-Sale Management

Developing Fish Farm
Management Software System

  • Larvae Management
  • Fishery Apps
  • Broodstock Analysis Tools
  • Sorting and Grading Tools
  • Lifecycle Tracking
  • Embedded ID Tag Interfaces

Farm Management
Software Services

With ChromeInfotech, develop one of the most technologically advanced software application that will help you to manage your farm and automate tasks related to crops and their irrigation, safety of food grown, customer relations, accounting and pricing, inventory related tasks and many more.

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Farm Management Software

We help agro-businesses to develop customized farm management systems which allow them to manage and monitor every critical aspect of their farm. We help them build farm apps through which they can monitor their business through user-interactive and simplified dashboards.


Agribusiness Software

We build agriculture software which has one of the best CRM integrated with it. Through that you can automate tasks related to social media marketing, getting client behavior insights and fasten up the process of generating business leads.


Farm Accounting Software

With our expertise, you can now build one of the most simplified and customized agro-business accounting software for your needs. We help integrate features of third-party software into your accounting software to automate tasks and do better accounting.


Mobile Farm Management

We help agro-business owners build mobile apps to manage their farms that can work on Android and iOS platforms. We help to integrate features like surveillance as well as analytics, no matter where they are.


Cattle Management Solutions

We have an expert development team that specializes in building software apps for managing cattle and livestock. We make cross-platform as well as cross-device apps for Android and iOS. These software products help in the management of ranch, deal with accounting, track and breed animals and much more.


Livestock Record Keeping Software

We build software mapping interfaces for ranchers that are used to keep track of Livestock & manage the data for every animal. For that, we build software products that track live location based on inputs from RFID, EID, Embedded ear tag sensors, GPS and GIS.


Grazing Management Software

Build top-notch and optimized software solutions to manage your crop and its yield. We can help you build software apps that can allow ranchers to track the growth of pasture as well as returns of the field. Also, we use GIS as well as Geo-Fencing technologies that help to generate detailed field views and plan the field movements.


Live Stock Breeding Software

Not only that, but we also help agro-businesses in the development of accustom software apps that take care of all the breeding related aspects to reduce the breeding cost and produce much better offspring.

Live Stock

With ChromeInfotech’s expert team, you can now build customized software applications to manage your livestock efficiently. Build apps for web, Android or iOS using latest, trending and emerging technologies.

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Cannabis Grow Software Solutions

If you are a Cannabis Grower, build the most optimized and performance oriented custom workflow management as well as processing software with us as per your needs and requirements. Our software solutions take care of multiple parameters like inventories and schedules, cost optimization as well as energy consumption, and dealing with environmental controls.


Custom Dispensary Pos Systems

Build your Custom POS software system with us and that include many technologically advanced features and functionalities. We build optimized and scalable dispensary POS apps.


Dispensary Management Systems

Create a dispensary management system customized to your needs and requirements with ChromeInfotech. We have software developers that are experts in the development of retail management systems which consists of inventory and scheduling, managing the facility, surveillance tracking as well as employee on-boarding.


Mobile Cannabis App Development

Our team help in the development of mobile apps for the cannabis consumer. The primary purposes served are locating the proper dispensary, making the purchases as well as setting up the deliveries. We also help to create apps with shopping cart functionalities too.


The full-stack Software Development team at ChromeInfotech develops custom software solutions for Seed-to-Sale aspects. We build software apps that are either custom dispensary POS systems, tracking software for seed-to-sale and inventory, e-commerce solutions, and much more.

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Precision Agriculture

Technology changes and evolves at a faster rate than we can think of. With ChromeInfotech, it is now easier to incorporate new tech-based features and functionalities into existing agriculture practices and methodologies. We build precision agriculture based technology solutions that address critical aspects such as soil mapping, remote sensing, and use of drones and GPS.

Precision Agriculture Software Integration

For this type of software integration, we use open source technologies and frameworks. We help to develop agro-based apps that modernize agricultural websites as well as systems and collect & analyze the data to improve the production.

Soil Mapping And Crop Sensor Solutions

Build tech solutions with us that helps to do accurate soil mapping. Create a 3D model of the soil, collect and analyze data about a crop's lifecycle and manage your resources.

Drone Agriculture Mapping And Firmware Development

With us, build software solutions for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicles) / Drones for various tasks such as deploying seeds and spraying fertilizers & pesticides. With that, you can also record the heat maps for measuring crop health.

Remote Monitoring Integration

Monitor your farm remotely. Integrate functionalities related to soil mapping, crop sensors and UAV software using APIs that combine analytics also. Through this, you can get a complete view of your farmland and monitor it remotely.

Agriculture Drone Software Development

With us, you can now build software solutions for drones and UAVs for precision agriculture. It can be either generating a 3D map of your crop, determining its quality and health and much more.

Agriculture Drone Analysis Technology

We will help you build software solutions for crop health analysis using digital imaging and aerial sensor technology.

Agricultural Drone Seeding Features

Build Software systems that will direct the drone to deploy seeds on your farms using ground-based sensor network.

Agricultural Drone Spraying Software

Spray fertilizers and pesticides on your farm through drones. We help to develop software systems that direct the drone or UAV to do so with precision and accuracy.

3d Modeling Development For UAVs

Now you can develop software systems with us that can help you to 3D model your farm through UAVs and generate detailed and accurate analytics for a various number of metrics.

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