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Since its founding in 1986, the Yoshida Institute of Japanese Language has helped over 4,500 students learn Japanese. They boast a friendly atmosphere among students from many different countries.

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24 months

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Yoshida Institute

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Close proximity to Waseda University

This all-around balanced school is located very close to the prestigious Waseda University. Although not directly connected, students are able to use the common areas of the university, plus the cafeteria. You’ll also have the chance to join some on campus organizations!

WiFi available

Free Wifi is available to students.

English speaking staff available

There will be English-speaking staff available to assist you with any issues that may arise during your time at the school.


Our school is located in Waseda, Tokyo.

WASEDA – The Waseda area is very popular among young people thanks to the presence of Waseda University. It is one of the most prestigious private universities in Japan which is also quite popular among foreigners. After school hours, students gather around in groups to enjoy some of the attractions the area can offer, such as Big Box. It is a big building that houses a sports club, arcade game center, lots of shops and restaurants. If you want to hang around in a smaller venue, there are lots of Japanese style izakaya pubs near the station as well.


Waseda (1 min)
Toden line
Takadanobaba (18 min)
Yamanote line

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Yoshida Institute of Japanese Language

Our Japanese Courses

Yoshida Institute of Japanese Language


This course includes standard lessons, JLPT and EJU preparation, and cultural activities throughout the year.

Course length

3 months
12 - 24 months

Available starts

January - April - July - October

Schedule (weekdays)

Morning class 09:00 to 12:20
Afternoon class 13:20 to 16:40
Course hours per week: 20
Classes are either in the morning or in the afternoon.

Other features

JLPT prep elective classes
These JLPT classes will prepare you for levels N2 or N1. They will focus on teaching you techniques to pass the test and will focus on the different sections that you will encounter in the test.

School Intensity
Medium intensity means the school gives you a perfect balance between study pace and free time. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy your life in Japan, while still being able to effectively progress your studies.

Student demographics
ASIA - 40%
OTHERS - 20%

3 months


6 months


12 months


18 months


24 months



Total course costs

The total course costs in these charts includes class time, staff guidance and textbooks, even for short-term students. For long-term students (6 months or more), it also includes extended student insurance and school activities.


Term breakdown

TERM 1-3
This program is suitable for students with no prior knowledge of Japanese. You will learn basic Japanese, both grammar and conversation, along with hiragana, katakana, and kanji (roughly 350 characters). These classes will prepare you for the JLPT N4 or N5.

TERM 4 - 6
This course will review what you've learned in the beginner's course and continue on to higher levels of grammar, reading, listening, conversation, and kanji (up to roughly 800 characters). After completing these courses you will be ready to take the JLPT N3.

TERM 7 - 8
You will learn advanced grammar (adverbs, adjectives, conjunctives) and kanji (up to roughly 1,200). You will be able to read newspapers and magazines, understand the radio and TV during this course. When you finish the course, you will know enough Japanese to take the JLPT N1 and enter a Japanese university.


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Tuition Costs Breakdown

Weekly course fees

3 months fees

Enrollment Fee ¥9,000
Tuition Fee ¥165,000

6 months fees

Application Fee ¥25,000
Enrollment Fee ¥65,000
Tuition Fee ¥330,000
Other Fees ¥45,000

9 months fees

12 months fees

Application Fee ¥25,000
Enrollment Fee ¥65,000
Tuition Fee ¥660,000
Other Fees ¥57,000

15 months fees

18 months fees

Application Fee ¥25,000
Enrollment Fee ¥65,000
Tuition Fee ¥990,000
Other Fees ¥69,000

21 months fees

24 months fees

Application Fee ¥25,000
Enrollment Fee ¥65,000
Tuition Fee ¥1,320,000
Other Fees ¥81,000