Get to Know Our Roots

It was in April 2010 that ChromeInfotech started its Journey towards becoming one of the leading Software Development Company.

ChromeInfotech was established with the objective of providing expert Software Development Services to Businesses across the Globe, irrespective of its Size and Industry Vertical.

Right from the very beginning, We had a clear vision- To build a team of committed and reliable people who can assist Businesses in their Digital Transformation Journey by helping develop innovative and revenue generating Software Solutions.

In a single sentence, ChromeInfo Technologies can be summed up as a Custom and Full-Fledged Software Development Services Company providing expert Offshore Software Developers who work along the lines of the Company’s core Beliefs and Principles.

As Technology Grows, We grow too:

ChromeInfotech was established somewhere around the time when mobile app boom kicked in.

Most of Our initial days went by focusing on iOS and Android Mobile App Development.

But with Technological breakthroughs making way into the Software Development Space, We too decided to shift Our focus onto areas other than mobile apps.

We went on to acquire expertise in areas such as but not limited to Cloud Computing, Internet of Things(IoT), Enterprise Solutions, QA Automation, Blockchain and more.

We continue adding in new tools, technologies and platforms to Our Development environment to provide better Services and meet expectations.

For Instance, Apart from Agile Methodologies, We also started implementing DevOps principles and practices along with AWS CodePipeline in Our Projects.

Another instance is adopting the emerging and popular Cloud Platform- Service Now.

The list is never ending and will only continue to grow in future.

We understand that the Software Development Space is ever changing and We intend to evolve accordingly.

What We are today is a Deep rooted and Full Service Custom Software Development Company powered by a team of focused and dedicated professionals.

We started off as a Company with only 10 Individuals.

But with time, We have grown into a Full-fledged, 100 seating facility Company.

Along with a Developer and QA/Testing team, We now also have dedicated IT professionals responsible for overlooking the entire IT Infrastructure of the Company, including Firewalls and Servers.

Letting numbers speak:

Since 2010, ChromeInfo Technologies has partnered with 750 Clients and has accomplished 500+ Project Engagements.

What’s interesting is that We have got Clients who have been working with us since the very beginning i.e. for 9 years.

No kidding, but there are instances in which We have engaged with a Client for somewhere around 20-30 Projects.

It is usual for Clients who have worked with us once to almost always sign us up for their other/future Development Projects.

Now it’s not only Our Clients who have such long-standing relationship with us.

There are a good number of resources, summing up to 30%, who have been with us for 5-6 years and a few who has been a part of this Company since we started(which makes it 9 years in one Company).

Going by these exceptional numbers and the Company’s growth with time, It seems that We are headed down the right path.

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