Here we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions. I hope your Majority of the doubts will be cleared through this. If you need to know more about us, please feel free to Contact Us.

Our highly experienced project managers provide you the best solutions as per your needs and requirements. We can guarantee you the following:

Confidentiality Guarantee: We assure our client’s information will be safe and secured with our database.

Pricing Guarantee: You can save more than you expect over on-site development

Results Guarantee: We follow a progress-linked payment solution. We will charge you only after we have delivered the best results from our end. We bring reality to your imagination with creative ideas and innovative technologies.

At ChromeInfotech, we deal with the following types of clients –

Someone who –

  • Wants to build a project from scratch based on a unique project idea.
  • Have an existing software system and want to do many necessary and relevant updation in it.
  • Wants to re-build an existing software system into a completely new one.
  • Have an existing software system and wants migration, porting and re-engineering services.
  •  We provide Porting services across different platforms.
  • From a physical server to the cloud
  • The transition from windows to Azure
  • iOS to Android and vice versa.
  • Porting from one technology version to another version like PHP 5 to PHP 7.
  •  We provide migration services like –
  • From SQL Server to MySQL
  • A c++ builder to visual c++
  •  Our re-engineering services include –
  • A technology-shift from client/server architecture to web-enabled architecture.
  • Making necessary changes in backend and other aspects., and many more.
  • Needs any support and maintenance services for their existing software system.

At ChromeInfotech, we develop any and every kind of software system.

Here are our 12 key USPs that makes us distinct.

  • We are recognised by top bodies such as – NASSCOM, INC42, ISO, CLUTCH, SILICONINDIA.
  • We do MVP development: You can save at least 60% of your development money and time with our MVP development services. Here you develop the smallest possible solution of your software app rather than developing the full-fledged version initially.

  • We provide Risk-Free Trial: To structure your project and develop a working model that will help you to achieve confidence and faith in your idea.
  • Proof of concept: We help you get proof of your idea’s concept. We gain concrete pieces of evidence and figure out proofs that will convince you about your project idea’s viability and feasibility.
  • Wire-framing Services to build your project Wire-frames and base for your UI: Our team has many Wire-Framing experts that will help you to develop the most simplified, yet user appealing and logical Wire-Frames for your software app.

  • We develop location-based software apps: Our developers are very well versed with various map-based navigation tools and can help you to build a software app consisting of navigation functionality. We work with Map integration platforms like – google maps, apple maps, bing maps, mapbox, maze.

  • We can build you a payment gateway based software app: Build a business software solution that has transaction based functionalities. We use various payment gateways such as authorize.net, PayPal, amazon payment, square, stripe and many more to build payment centered software functionalities.

  • We can also help you to develop software app Research strategies to launch your product successfully in the market. We have experts and consultants that will assist you in how to do market research to set foot in the competitive market with your business software app.

  • We integrate software analytics tools in your software product. Through these analytics tools, you will be able to gain insights into your software performance as well as your business performance. Moreover, it will help you to build strategies on how to improvise and grow your business more efficiently.

  • We build healthcare apps that comply with necessary authorities like HIPPA. Our team is fully capable of developing any HIPPA compliant healthcare software product. We have a dedicated team for that who take care of all the necessary and required aspects.

  • Our developers are capable of building cloud server-based software apps. Save you time and money with cloud servers. We have a dedicated team of cloud development experts that will help you to develop software apps with a cloud-based backend.

  • We use open source and emerging technologies for software development. Developers and other team members at ChromeInfotech use a lot of open source technologies and tools to build any business software solutions.

    We use technologies like Angular, React, Blockchain, react Native and many more to build responsive, and cross-platform and cross-device software apps. We build apps for iOS, Android, Web, Cloud, Desktop, and IOT.

  • We use a lot of automation in our testing related tasks. Slowly but gradually, our entire team is shifting to automation for delivering 100% performance-optimized software solutions.

Our rates are dependent on the project deliverables.

We offer a great deal in comparison to others. Rates may vary from project to project depending upon skills required, project scope, deadline, etc.

For example, a senior engineer may charge $2k to $3K/month (cost may vary as per the project requirement).

Our high-end software app engineers are highly skilled and knowledgeable. They provide full assistance to build software solutions as per your needs. Our pro software engineers have extremely advanced experience in many international software projects. They have excellent technical as well as communication skills with multiple years of industry experience and can offer you best in class services. Most of our engineers are from renowned institutes with exceptional qualifications and multi-purpose skills. We carefully choose candidates for our team based on a rigorous and extensive selection process. So you can rest assured to get the best talent for your business software development project.

The main reason being – Our company operates from India where the operating cost is significantly low in comparison to international economies. There are no technical limitations that you will encounter with us.

So our price is justified for the technical expertise you will get from us.

We are a professional and well-established software development company. We operate on a monthly payment model as we seek clients who have long term projects and expect Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) services.

Our payment system is very simplified. We raise invoices every month, and the payment will be due on invoicing.

To be specific – we do not encourage strict time bound working. We always keep a few additional days to the timeline as a backup.

Here’s why?

Setting up extreme time limitations will hamper the overall project quality and will not allow us to look after every micro-detail of the project.

So, we do not advise you to impose any strict time-bound restrictions on your project.

Our engineers are committed to delivering quality code. We have formal procedures through which we keep a check on quality control. These include periodic code audits code walk-throughs. We focus on being absolute right from the very beginning. This allows us to make the development process easy and stable.

For each of the project, we follow appropriate QA methodologies, assign testing experts to them, and set up micro-managed test-plans that includes – white-box testing, black-box testing performance optimizations and much more.

We sign NDA and Confidentiality agreements before the start of every project.

We are a legally enrolled association in India, and for every project that we sign, we are bound by the regulatory and legal structure of our client’s country.

If I am talking about future growth, then our high-end development solution team will design your app as per the requirement of your project. However, we will do customizations according to the current market trends. This will help you and your business software app to be updated in terms of technology and platform. And your user’s would love it.

ChromeInfotech is a member of NASSCOM (National Association of Software Companies) and has memberships with tops brands like Microsoft, Adobe, Apple. Also, we have our team members that have background associations with top names like Oracle, Head Strong, Ascent, Flextor and so on.

Moreover, as a part of our continuous client engagement process, we often visit our client’s place to meet them in person to see and understand the way they operate their businesses. It helps us to get the clear picture of their requirement and hence enable us to make some suggestions as per our experience of developing software apps to add value to their business.

We also have attended global events like GITEX, MWC and many others in Dubai, Oman, USA, and many more places.

As these events enable us to travel to different parts of the world, we also use it as a platform to meet our already existing clients present in that particular geographical region. Inviting them to such events and spending some time with them always help us to understand each other better.

Yes, we can, depending upon the project needs and necessities. This might be particularly helpful in the initial and final stages of the project.

You will have the capacity to keep close command over the project related tasks. You will have direct contact with our project manager for any issues and concerns regarding your project. We will work as per your needs and the most appropriate approach.

You will get regular reports from us on your project status. Our team will update you via email, skype, phone calls or any other specified means.

ChromeInfotech works on time sheets on a third-party software ‘ZOHO TEAM.’ We handle all the works related to HR, Employees, and Clients on Zoho report. It helps us to maintain the data along with the time we are working on a specific project.

We invite you to experience our services.

We can take you through a Risk-free Pilot Period.

We are concerned to clear all your doubts by developing an adequate initial version of your project idea. And after that if the pilot project results in positive feedback, and if you have faith in your idea, then we can take our proceedings forward as per the procedure.

Pilot Periods usually are for one month. We put the same time and inputs in Pilot Projects as we do in usual and real software projects.











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